BigD is the creator of The Secret Cup and the concept of having the competition judged by the competitors.  He handles the judging process and works directly with the competitors to make sure they are able to get their entries in on time and in the proper fashion.  The details of the competition are closely watched and addressed as they are needed.  

In addition, he has won various awards including Cannabis Cups from High Times Magazine for concentrates and co-winner for the best product in 2009 The Vapor Swing.  He created Top Shelf Extracts and is currently working on advancing his company in the new legal cannabis industry in Oregon.  Formerly worked at Kind Meds and The W.E.E.D. in the SFV in Southern California as well as Broadway Wellness in Denver, Colorado.



Jeremy is the owner of RigRags, a company that makes dab rags (aka handkerchiefs) promotionally for most all the major companies in the cannabis industry and is expanding to other markets.  He started the regional events for the secret cup and stream lined the judging into the categories and scoring currently used in the competition.  He takes on the responsibilities of hosting all of the events in each location in cooperation with the local individuals or companies who make it possible for their region.

In addition, he is one of the creators of Chalice Festival in California with Hitman Glass as well as having brought our cannabis culture to various parties and even hosted small private events under the name Beyond Boro. Formerly a writer for the magazine Treating Yourself and co-winner of the cannabis cup best product award for The Vapor Swing and again for the KO Domeless Nail.