Results of The Secret Cup - Los Angeles, CA - Finals December 2015

Best Overall

1st Place - Zkittlez 90 Micron Full Melt by Terp Hogz X Moon Shine Melts X 3rd Gen Family X Dying Breed Seeds

2nd Place - Epoxy OG Rosin Shatter by Peace Oil X A Greener Today

3rd Place-  Jews Gold Pure Live Resin Shatter by Team 10 Extracts X Unregisterd X Cali Kush Farms

Conoisseur's Choice

The Blood Orange Sorbet Shatter by Brutal Bee Concentrates

Best Budder
Gorilla Glue #4 Sugar by Madrone Farms X Canna Refinery Co

Highest THC
78.77% - Banana Cookies Shatter by Bhonafide Extracts

Highest CBD
10.27% - SK SFV Shatter by Dukes of Errl

Highest Terps
13% - Shark's Breath Sap by Vandweller Extracts

Soil to Oil and Best Flower
Concentrate Kings and Cannasuer Collective
Supreme OG and Supreme OG Sap