The Secret Cup is a cultural event series that brings the hash community closer together and allows purists the chance to find today’s best and most healthy products. Different from all other cannabis competitions, this event is all about the hash makers. “It’s an event unlike any of the others in that it’s for the people that are really connoisseurs, folks that are really into the culture,” said HighDro, Hip Hop Artist.

The Secret Cup is truly different because the contestants are also the judges. “A day after you submit your entry you get back a .3 of every entry you’re competing against. The entries are anonymous and numbered and each competitor then becomes responsible for judging and scoring the entire field of competition. Each competitor/judge receives an identical judge pack that includes their own entry, although no votes cast for your own entry count. We do this to make it harder to figure out who made what and also to force the hash maker to see their work next to everyone else’s,”said Daniel de Sailles, Founder. The top three overall highest scoring contestants of the Secret Cup will each receive a prize package and an invitation to compete in the finals. 



For the Wooks, attending the Secret Cup is like attending a high-level trade show. (For legal reasons, the finals are considered a private party.) It’s sort of a March Madness for extractors — not the only such contest in the world, but maybe the most exclusive. The regional winners were going to be present at the finals as well as some of the winners from the previous year. In all there would be 20 entrants. Bragging rights and future contracts were at stake. If Skywalker and the others want to compete in their rapidly growing field, they need to be known, to be intimate with the doings and players in their industry, to cultivate an aura of insider success.

- California Sunday Magazine (L.A. Times)