3rd Gen Fam/Terp Hogz entered Zkittlez Flowers and competed unopposed and advances to the finals.

1st Overall Edible - KC Concentrates - Jelly Donut Fudge

2nd Overall Edible - Big Daddy Edibles - Craisin Cookies

3rd Overall Edible - Calvin and Globz - Cakepop

Highest CBD #9 Blue Sky Farms - Harle-Tsu

Highest THC #30 Old School Extracts - Apple Jaxx PHO

Highest Terps #18 Higher Vision with Southern Humboldt Farms - Super Lemon OG Super Oil

1st Overall #26 High Caliber Extracts - Melon Bread #1 Shatter - Best Shatter & Conoisseur's Choice

2nd Overall #30 Old School Extracts - Best Budder

3rd Overall #25 41 Wax Co - Sour Tangie Shatter