SoCal Secret Cup Winners


1st Overall and Best Budder and Soil to Oil and Connoisseur's Choice
#19 Zmedifarmer - Forbidden Fruit Budder

2nd Overall and Best Shatter
#16 Fosho Extracts - Sour Strawberry Shatter

3rd Overall
#15 Terp Team Official - Tangiers Shatter

Best Non Solvent (7th overall)
#12 Baroni by the Clear SFV OG-crumble (live rosin)

High THC
With 90.84% THC #3 Quality Concentrates -Lucky 13 Shatter

High CBD
With 88.19% CBD #11 Miller Creek Farms - Harle-Tsu CBD Sap

High Terps
With 51.6 mg per gram of terps #11 Miller Creek Farms - Harle-Tsu CBD Sap

1st Overall
#27 Jerponics - Jerp OG

2nd Overall
#21 Pearl Pharma - AMG (Amnesia Haze x Biker OG) Bred by Karma Genetics

3rd Overall
#24 Zmedifarmer - Forbidden Fruit

1st Overall
Calvin and Globz - Cake Pops

2nd Overall
Pin High Farms - Katillac Bar

3rd Overall
Mom's Medibles - Red Wigglers