Lake Michigan Winners

Best Concentrates

1st Overall and Best Shatter #8 Mass Hash - RI Finest Purple Chem Shatter

2nd Overall and Best Budder #5 Herbal Solutions Purple OG Live Resin

3rd Overall #22 Connoisseur Collective - Rick Flair OG Budder

Connoisseur's Choice

Best Non Solvent - #3 - Minnesota Dabs - Safe Access OG Rosin

Highest THC #6 RXTrax/Medical Cultivation Inc. - Detroit City OG Live Resin - 79.03%

Highest CBD #7 Coco Extracts - Lemon Sherbert 5.88%

Highest Terps #18 Team EVHO - Sour Kosher Kush Rosin 5.57%

Best Flowers

1st Overall / Soil To Oil Award 32 Blazing Ape - Blazing Ape OG

2nd Overall 37 Supreme OG - Supreme OG

3rd Overall 30 Lost Highway Genetics - Grateful Breath

Best Edible

Sunday Morning Baker competed unopposed to advance to the finals in January.