The Secret Cup: Denver, Colorado


Event & Awards Show - October 14th 2017

Denver, Colorado - NEXT regional installment of The Secret Cup for 2017! 

This years event will begin with intake on October 7th and the judges kits will be distributed the same night.  The competition will go on all week with judges sampling and voting privately.  At the end of the week on Saturday October 14th we will have a private cup event with the Award Ceremony.  We invite everyone to come to the show, see the winners and try the samples.

Expect all the very best vendors, sponsors and products in the industry.

We have secured a great venue with long time friends for the event and the award ceremonies.  All of the competitors and their closest friends attend to see if they have won any of the trophies in any of the overall categories or the analytical results from the lab.  We have a solid following from the most knowledgeable kind of cannabis consumers who frequently come to the events looking for very specific needs and who are often open to new and exciting products or alternatives to what they normally have come to enjoy.  Our unique atmosphere allows the attendees more personal time with the people they meet at the show and usually they are more open and free to discuss their medical conditions, and their needs in general.

We have a special family type of feeling with the people who become supporters, not just attendees.

We offer the platform to change your life for the better, and many have done just that.


Over 40 hash makers, growers and edible chefs can compete with their best products from all over the world, to see if they have what it takes to win the golden torch and take the next step to become the only International Champions in the cannabis industry and WIN THE BELT, in the most prestigious and legitimate cannabis competition in the entire world.