RIGRAGS *The Original DabRag


Wholesale & Custom Designs – Handkerchiefs – Bandanas & Much More

RigRags is the ORIGINAL and ONLY company where you can collaborate and get your own company’s logo printed on custom made RigRags.  Their first dabrag came out in 2012 under that name but they quickly evolved into RigRags the amazing company they are today boasting hundreds and hundreds of designs from every top company in the cannabis industry.  A literal who’s who of the elite members of the culture and the companies they are involved with.

RigRags also has evolved into much more of a lifestyle brand than anything else having spearheaded the event and festival scene for cannabis companies in the undergound for years and have since played a major role in the creation of many of the best cannabis themed events, competitions and festivals such as Beyond Boro, The Secret Cup, Chalice Festival and the International Cannabis Experience.  Their brand and product line has steadily expanded too and now they make various other items such as bandanas, flags, backpacks, blankets, towels, hoodies and sweatshirts for kids and adults with much more to come.

Recently they also have began offering consultation, strategy and theory on just about anything you can think of that is marijuana related as they have been in the industry longer than almost any of the top personalities and companies currently popular in the culture and as such have extensive knowledge and relationships.  Regardless of where you want to focus your efforts, as well as who you want to reach, both individuals and companies, RigRags personal relationships and longevity have essentially assured that they either already know or know someone who knows who or what you are looking for.  We know everyone, ask around.

Make no mistake, RigRags is one of the most groundbreaking companies in the cannabis industry and shows no signs of slowing down with many more innovations and collaborations on the way to breaking through to the main stream.