2015 Lake Michigan

EMAG FILMS covers The Secret Cup – The Secret Cup in Michigan was a bit different than any of the other events.  Lakeshore Extracts helped locked down the BIGGEST MANSION we ever had, it was like a hotel.  Then we invited guests to join us for one of the most amazing experiences they ever have enjoyed.  Checkout how awesome a VACATION CUP can get.

LAKE MICHIGAN HIGHLIGHT REEL – Thanks to Larue Layton for making this awesome highlight video that shows a good bit of The Secret Mansion in Lake Michigan for the Awards


HASH CHURCH at The Secret Cup – BubbleMan, Todd McCormick, SoilGrown and many other friends give you a personal tour of the Hash, Marihuana and Hemp Museum in Barcelona Spain for The Secret Cup Awards.  Marc & Jody Emery, Coral Reefer, and many others joined us for the most amazing awards ceremony we have ever had.  Huge thanks to everyone at the Hash Museum for allowing The Secret Cup to be the first event ever to allow guests to smoke in the museum!  Hash Church – furthering the movement.

DABSTARS at The Secret Villa – DABSTARS Jonah Tacoma at it again, this time he’s in Spain at The Secret Cup Villa in Castel De Fels just outside of Barcelona with a HUGE mixed hash joint covered in wax and hash oil!

URBAN GROWER Dab Sesh – URBAN GROWER Remo with Fumo (RIP) and other friends at The Secret Cup Villa in Spain having a fun dab sesh.  All the best to The Secret Cup Fam!


For the Final event of 2014 we rented a huge mansion in Las Vegas featured on many TV shows and used by celebrities such as Robin Leach, Sean ‘Puff Daddy’ Combs and even George Clooney.  We filmed for the documentary here and hosted some legendary parties.

You may know him from Wild ‘N Out, MTV or BET.  Writer/Actor/Comedian Spanky Hayes takes a tour through The Secret Mansion at The Secret Cup 2014 Finals in Sin City Las Vegas Nevada.  Also, one of the contestants/judges shows their personal journey through competing in the 2014 Finals in Las Vegas Nevada and experiencing the first ever VACATION CUP!